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My apology to the mother in Walmart and things I wished my 20-something-year-old, ignorant self had known about autism

There is a woman who has a profound effect on my life and I doubt she’ll ever know it. In fact, I owe this woman an apology. Back when my husband (then boyfriend or maybe fiance) and I were living in Toronto and childless (10 years ago or so) we used to shop at our …

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Devastating Truth Some Families Face Living In the Spectrum

   Today I read an article from The Province that I came across on facebook indicating that a mother of a severely autistic 16 year old boy from Prince Rupert, BC had committed an act of murder-suicide. As I read the article it pulled at my heart strings as I could not even imagine the place …

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Autism Awareness – and a History Lesson

April 2 is World Autism Awareness Day and the month of April is Autism Awareness month. Light it Up Blue was a campaign started by Autism Speaks in 2010. Now before you jump down our throats – we know that there is a love/hate relationship that many people have with that organization. If you’re not …

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