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Baking Can Soothe The Soul

As we face our third or maybe fourth snow storm in about 10 days, and second ‘blizzard’ warning anxiety was in high gear in our house. MJ doesn’t like storms of any kind, especially not after Hurricane Arthur crashed her birthday party last summer. Her anxiety takes over and she worries about everything from power …

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When Arthur Came to Visit

We had a very unwelcome visitor that arrived on Saturday, July 5 and his wrath and turmoil was felt for a full week after he left. Tropical Storm Arthur paid a visit to New Brunswick and along with the power lines and trees that came crashing down, he also crashed MJ’s birthday party – or …

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Seasonal Changes and How Weather Boards May Help

I write this post on the eve of a giant blizzard said to be the worst storm we’ve seen in years in the Maritimes. It’s a lovely way to welcome Spring. Yes, Spring: according to the calendar it arrived 5 days ago. Mother Nature says otherwise. I mentioned in a previous post that MJ hates …

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