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Baking Can Soothe The Soul

As we face our third or maybe fourth snow storm in about 10 days, and second ‘blizzard’ warning anxiety was in high gear in our house. MJ doesn’t like storms of any kind, especially not after Hurricane Arthur crashed her birthday party last summer. Her anxiety takes over and she worries about everything from power …

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Bounce, bounce from morning till night!

The last few weeks, although they have been met with a few extra meltdowns thanks to a new support worker starting, have been all around really good. The Monkey has been in slightly better spirits for the better part of most of his days and that is always nice to see. I think that this …

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Let’s Go To The Movies!

One of the things that Gary and I loved to do as a couple before the Monkey came along was going to the movies. There is just something so nostalgic about the entire experience, we both knew we would want to share that¬†with our children when they came along. Then we had the¬†Monkey and along …

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Try it Tuesday – Bath Time Tips

Rebecca and I started Try it Tuesday on our Facebook page a couple weeks ago but because this Try it Tuesday is essentially a few tips that may be all of you will benefit from I thought I would write a post about it. If someone had given me these tips when the Monkey was …

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