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To Medicate or Not

Deciding to medicate your child with ASD is not an easy decision to make. For us, MJ has been on medication since she was two weeks of age, but it has been for reflux related symptoms. Over the last 5 years we’ve had several different GI-related meds for her and have tried multiple times to …

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Baking Can Soothe The Soul

As we face our third or maybe fourth snow storm in about 10 days, and second ‘blizzard’ warning anxiety was in high gear in our house. MJ doesn’t like storms of any kind, especially not after Hurricane Arthur crashed her birthday party last summer. Her anxiety takes over and she worries about everything from power …

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What Parents Need to Know About The Revised Standards for Preschool Intervention Services

We promised we would share more with you as we got even more clarity on the Revised Standards for Agencies Delivering Intervention Services for Preschool Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in New Brunswick (that’s a mouthful!). After continued conversations I have had with various stakeholders, I do have more information to share. Meetings There will …

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Changes to Autism Funding in New Brunswick

Last night I started noticing posts online from parents worried about the communication they are (or aren’t) receiving regarding a change to autism services in New Brunswick. Before posting my opinion, I started researching this morning and collecting all the facts. I have spoken with our agency’s program director, the program advisor (Jeff den Otter) …

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