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What I Wish Someone Had Told Me When Autism Came Into Our Lives

October is autism awareness month in Canada, and my awareness post is not about the numbers or the need for more services – both of which are very important – it’s what I wish someone made me aware of when we first got our diagnosis. What they don’t tell you – the bad You will …

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Time for Change in New Brunswick – Will You Stand With Us?

Now that the dust has settled after the election. The Liberals are the party in power and are not either of the two parties who identified autism services as a priority in their platform. We’ve decided it’s time to roll up our sleeves and ask the government to make autism front and centre. We have …

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When and How Do I Tell My Child They Have Autism?

Deciding to tell your child they have autism is a very personal decision since autism is an extremely wide spectrum. There are many factors you need to take into consideration before making this decision such as: Do they know they are different? Does it bother them? Do they ask questions like What is wrong with …

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Aspergers, Depression and Robin Williams

With the sad news of Robin Williams’ passing, I recalled reading several articles when MJ was first diagnosed about “famous” people with Aspergers and surprised to see Robin Williams name on the list. Although it appears that it was never confirmed, it was highly suspected when you looked at both his social awkwardness and hyper …

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Q & A on Autism Funding in New Brunswick

If you have been following along with us over the past 2 weeks you probably have already read both of Rebecca’s posts on the new standards for funding for Autism Early Intervention Services. If not, I urge you to read them here and here. Rebecca spent hours speaking with Jeff den Otter, EECD program advisor, …

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What Parents Need to Know About The Revised Standards for Preschool Intervention Services

We promised we would share more with you as we got even more clarity on the Revised Standards for Agencies Delivering Intervention Services for Preschool Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in New Brunswick (that’s a mouthful!). After continued conversations I have had with various stakeholders, I do have more information to share. Meetings There will …

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