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Why You Should Never Utter the Phrase ‘No Big Deal’ Again

Do you like things (music, food, places etc.) just because a bunch of people told you you should? I sure as heck don’t. OK, maybe when I was a teenager and trying to fit in – but this statement is a perfect example of my lack of self-confidence at that age to be honest with …

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The Smell Of Freshly Sharpened Pencils And Brownies

Summer seems to have flown by in the blink of an eye. The evenings have been unseasonably cool and even many of the leaves on the trees have started to change. Autumn is my favorite season, but this year as it makes its approach I am more anxious then ever. This year my Monkey starts …

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Aspergers, Depression and Robin Williams

With the sad news of Robin Williams’ passing, I recalled reading several articles when MJ was first diagnosed about “famous” people with Aspergers and surprised to see Robin Williams name on the list. Although it appears that it was never confirmed, it was highly suspected when you looked at both his social awkwardness and hyper …

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Birthday Party Adventures

Preparing for a birthday party in our house is a lot of work. We don’t go all out on party decorations or elaborate food but the pre-prep work to a successful party at our house starts weeks in advance. This weekend the Monkey turned 6 and he really wanted a party with other kids. This …

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Why Mainstream Schooling Terrifies Me

The Monkey is turning 6 years old in less then a month. It’s a little scary to watch my baby grow into a little man right before my eyes. This Mother’s Day I reflected on how blessed we have been through this journey.┬áHis speech is developing before our eyes and although he is not where …

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Facing My Own Autism Traits – Do parents have autism traits which are milder then their children?

One of the things that an autism parent learns a lot about are the symptoms of autism. In the beginning some of us may even become obsessive. Observing our children’s every move. Constantly asking ourselves is that autism or is that typical developmental behaviour? Eventually as we all come to terms with the diagnosis and …

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