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Knowing When to Punish

When your child does something wrong, you punish them. Simple. Right? Not so simple when you’re raising a child with autism. We are all guilty of letting our emotions get the best of us sometimes. This is extremely true for children with autism. The amygdala is the portion of our brain that controls flight or …

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Facing My Own Autism Traits – Do parents have autism traits which are milder then their children?

One of the things that an autism parent learns a lot about are the symptoms of autism. In the beginning some of us may even become obsessive. Observing our children’s every move. Constantly asking ourselves is that autism or is that typical developmental behaviour? Eventually as we all come to terms with the diagnosis and …

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Recognizing Anxiety

As I have mentioned on numerous posts the Monkey has extreme anxiety. He needs to know everything that is happening at every second of the day to allow him to function. To do this we used visual strips and schedules for literally every little thing you can think of but this worked really well. It …

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Seasonal Changes and How Weather Boards May Help

I write this post on the eve of a giant blizzard said to be the worst storm we’ve seen in years in the Maritimes. It’s a lovely way to welcome Spring. Yes, Spring: according to the calendar it arrived 5 days ago. Mother Nature says otherwise. I mentioned in a previous post that MJ hates …

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Longing for a conversation

If any of you have read our about or my journey page you will learn that it took my Monkey a really long time to talk. I worked really hard on breaking down those walls and getting him to use those words. His progress was astounding and I am so grateful for where he is …

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Epilepsy, Hospitals and Waiting Games

According to Autism Speaks, as many as 1/3 of individuals with autism also have epilepsy. Epilepsy is a neurological disorder, characterized by sudden and brief changes in the brain.  You can read more on epilepsy here. For the last several months we have been tracking “episodes” with MJ. These episodes were usually brought on by …

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