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To Medicate Or Not – The Monkey

To medicate or not to medicate: that is the question. But who has the right answer? For us, the decision to medicate did not come lightly. We had been thinking about the possibility for almost a year before deciding to take the plunge. The mood swings, the anxiety, the self-injurious behaviours, which were becoming more …

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The Child Behind the Mask

We have been in the full swing of school for the last 2 months and I am beyond frustrated with the entire thing. I am frustrated that most of the things we have asked for are not being done and that they are not truly seeing him. The Monkey has this ability to blend with …

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No Longer Hiding

As you have been following along with the page and blog most of you are aware that Rebecca and I have been busy getting the troops together. Pushing for better services for those on the spectrum in our community as a united front.¬†Petitions are in place, people are signing, news/radio interviews have been had, brochures/flyers …

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A Letter to Our Pediatrician

We had an appointment with MJ’s pediatrician today to discuss her reflux meds and recent neurologist appointment. I left the appointment in tears and feeling utterly alone. We first started seeing the pediatrician when she was about 18 months old for her ‘sensory’ issues and rigidities, he told us she would outgrow everything and they …

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When the Social Deficit Becomes Obvious

We often talk about how “controlling” MJ is during play with adults and with the other kids at daycare, or cousins. She wants to lead play and gets upset when others don’t want to follow her ideas, or try to change her carefully scripted ideas. However, this is the MJ with people she knows. The …

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Why Mainstream Schooling Terrifies Me

The Monkey is turning 6 years old in less then a month. It’s a little scary to watch my baby grow into a little man right before my eyes. This Mother’s Day I reflected on how blessed we have been through this journey.¬†His speech is developing before our eyes and although he is not where …

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