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Easy Easter Chocolate Eggs – Allergy Friendly

In our house we have some fairly strict dietary restrictions for the Monkey and for myself. When I was a child my parents would usually buy me a small present for Easter as I was allergic to dairy and could not eat chocolate. Toys were great but I felt a little left out from the …

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Spinach Zucchini Soup

Soup! I love soup. It is the most versatile meal you can make and you can make subtle changes to any recipe to make the flavours completely different. You can also pack a good amount of vegetables into every bowl which means it is very healthy for you all around. In our house the Monkey …

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Wine and Garlic Pork Tenderloin

Today I bring you a delicious pork recipe. Pork isn’t always my favorite meat to make unless it comes in the form of bacon or an old fashioned bone-in ham however this recipe for pork tenderloin is easily my third favorite way to eat pork plus you have an excuse to drink the rest of …

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Creamy Butternut Squash Soup

Who doesn’t love soup especially on those cold winter days. Lets face it winter in Canada is snowy and cold but last week was a bit colder then I would like. Soup was what we needed to warm us up from the inside out so a nice winter soup so that is what I set …

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Mini Sunflower Butter Muffins

Along with all the information that Rebecca and I would like to share with you we would like to show you that restrictive diets do not mean that food can no longer be enjoyable or that treats like muffins will no longer be part of your life. With this said we will each be sharing …

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