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Spring Flowers and Coconut Oat Dream Cookies

Could it be? Spring is finally here! The days are starting to get warmer and although it has been raining I would much rather have rain then snow. Spring brings flowers, robins, and renewed energy as we look forward to summer BBQ’s, camping and days at the beach. These activities always take a little extra …

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Easy Easter Chocolate Eggs – Allergy Friendly

In our house we have some fairly strict dietary restrictions for the Monkey and for myself. When I was a child my parents would usually buy me a small present for Easter as I was allergic to dairy and could not eat chocolate. Toys were great but I felt a little left out from the …

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Waffles or Pancakes? That Is The Question!

In our house waffles win hands down and Saturday or Sunday mornings, who am I kidding, even some evenings waffles are on the menu. Today I want to share with you a waffle recipe that is vegan and gluten free. I make these often for the Monkey as I can freeze the leftovers and reheat …

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Yummy Chocolate-Nut-Like Brownies

I have always been one who looks at a recipe and can envision how to make it “MJ friendly” or my own based on personal preference. I subscribe to the magazine Cooking Light and immediately crack it open when it comes in. This nut-free recipe was adapted from the March 2014 Issue to be dairy, …

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Gluten-Free Sweet Potato and Molasses Muffins

This recipe was adapted from a cookbook full of scrumptious southern style recipes mother-in-law gave me after a visit to Atlanta – Sweet Auburn Desserts. It’s been adapted to be gluten free as well as a reduction of sugar. I’ve learned over time not to be scared of traditional recipe cook books – while most …

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Banana Trail Mix Cookies

Cookies! Who doesn’t like cookies? Cookies are one of the Monkey’s favorite treats especially when combined with a coconut milk hot chocolate. I wanted to share with you one of his favorite cookies that I make on a regular basis. These are gluten,dairy,nut, and soy free and are delicious. When creating this recipe I wanted …

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