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Why Good Communication With Your School is Important

Most educators are passionate about their jobs, they celebrate in our children’s successes and feel as defeated as we may in their perceived failures. As parents we are often given reminders and pats on the back even when things may not be going well to help us know no matter what, we’re doing a good …

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Why Meltdowns Can Seem to Happen Without Warning

This story was shared with us by Valerie, one of the members in our Facebook Group – Autism Parents Group NB. Valerie is raising a teenage son with autism and is quickly becoming my go to for advice on our school system because she’s been navigating the waters for her son a lot longer than …

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Why You Should Never Utter the Phrase ‘No Big Deal’ Again

Do you like things (music, food, places etc.) just because a bunch of people told you you should? I sure as heck don’t. OK, maybe when I was a teenager and trying to fit in – but this statement is a perfect example of my lack of self-confidence at that age to be honest with …

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School Tranisition Tips and The Importance of a Good Team

Following up on Sabrina’s last post, we too are thinking all about school as MJ prepares to enter Kindergarten. This summer has been all about school prep and it’s been exhausting, although very much needed. We had our transition meeting with the school yesterday and it went much better than what had been presented to …

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The Smell Of Freshly Sharpened Pencils And Brownies

Summer seems to have flown by in the blink of an eye. The evenings have been unseasonably cool and even many of the leaves on the trees have started to change. Autumn is my favorite season, but this year as it makes its approach I am more anxious then ever. This year my Monkey starts …

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A Letter to Our Pediatrician

We had an appointment with MJ’s pediatrician today to discuss her reflux meds and recent neurologist appointment. I left the appointment in tears and feeling utterly alone. We first started seeing the pediatrician when she was about 18 months old for her ‘sensory’ issues and rigidities, he told us she would outgrow everything and they …

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