Spectrum Warriors: Life Through The Autism Spectrum


Every child with autism is unique, but many of our experiences are similar and as a parent we sometimes can feel alone in these experiences. We are here to show you that you are not alone and when you’ve had a bad day and the meltdowns won’t end, we want you to be able to come here and see that we understand.

Our children are special, they are amazing and we are on the journey of our lives – but sometimes it can be the most frustrating journey on the face of the planet. We need to remind ourselves that it is ok to sometimes feel defeated. You are not the only one’s to have days that never seem to end or which start and end with meltdowns.

We are two Warrior Mommy’s  who live with autism day in and day out. We too have felt alone and defeated. We understand the anxieties that come with raising a child on the spectrum and we know how much even the smallest progress seen in our children is cause to celebrate. Sometimes, on the days of sleepless nights and meltdowns that leave us as well as them in tears, we just want someone to tell us: ” We are here for you and we get it!”

Lets meet the warriors behind the blog:


Rebecca_AtkinsonRebecca’s daughter was diagnosed with high-functioning Aspergers, along with high anxiety in Dec. 2012 at the age of three. Since then Rebecca and her husband Mark have spent their time focused on learning about autism and how to help their daughter – who is currently receiving 20 hours of applied behavioral therapy from the Autism Intervention Services in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Rebecca’s daughter also has severe acid reflux and numerous food intolerances which require following a strict specialty diet – removing all dairy, soy, citrus among other things. Although Melatonin has greatly improved the number of hours of sleep this family gets, their daughter’s sleep issues (including sleepwalking)continue to plague this family. You can read her journey here and also find Rebecca on Twitter.


Sabrina’s son was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism and extreme anxiety in June 1555421_10151840349192015_1364159829_n of 2008 at the age of 4. Even before the diagnosis came to fruition, Sabrina and her husband Gary made it their mission to learn as much as they could about ASD. With the help of some pretty amazing friends with children on the Spectrum, Sabrina was able to start implementing visual schedules to help her non – verbal son communicate. After one year of ABA therapy provided by Sabrina through techniques she had researched and through the removal of gluten from her son’s diet words began to develop faster then Sabrina ever could have imagined. Through his current ABA services through Autism Intervention Fredericton the hopes are in helping him cope with his anxieties and teach him how to interact with others socially. Life in the spectrum can be challenging at times but it has also brought Sabrina the most amazing and special little boy and she cherishes every moment. Read Sabrina’s journey here and you can also find her on Twitter.

Other ways to connect with us:

Join the conversation by visiting our Spectrum Warriors Facebook pageFacebook group (questions, advice, local meet ups)

Email us at: spectrumwarriors at gmail dot com


  1. findingcoopersvoice

    Hi there. I am so glad I found your blog! My son isn’t on the spectrum yet but may bed up there. He has signs of Apraxia, SPD and Autism. The main struggle at this very moment in time is his lack of spoken language. He has no real words although his understanding is exploding. The goodness. I’m off to find your posts about your sons language explosion!


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