Spectrum Warriors: Life Through The Autism Spectrum

The Road Just Keeps Getting Bumpier

In life there are always ups and downs. Sometimes simply being positive and choosing to look at the brighter side allows us to change our downs into ups but some of the time that just is not possible.

The Monkey is most definitely in an upswing and I think a lot of that has to do with medication and with him becoming more comfortable in his own skin. In May he started taking a small dose of Prozac along with the Respiridone to help with anxiety and although I don’t see a huge difference in his anxiety I am noticing a few positives. I think we’ll know for sure if the medication is working once school starts.

Some of the positives we have been noticing in him have come with maturity. Even if he is upset we are more easily able to talk with him about it. He doesn’t always understand what we are trying to say but instead of running away, crying and hiding he is actually pretty calm. This new calmness will come in handy once school starts.

The Monkey is also staying upset for shorter lengths of time. Where as once he would be crying and screaming for an hour now he only gets upset for 15 or 20 minutes and will usually come and hug me or say sorry once he is done. Then he even lets us talk about what happened.

These are all things that would never have happened 6 months ago. The more you would talk about something the worse it would get for him. We learnt quickly that talking when he was upset was pointless as it just made the meltdown worse. Now, however, it is so much easier to talk to him. I look forward to seeing if this behaviour will continue once school starts. I am fully prepared for a little bit of regression when we go right back into the school routine again but I am hopeful that it will be a calmer and smoother transition.

Where the Monkey is in an upswing I am in a complete downswing. After suffering with some very debilitating joint pain  and a bunch of other weird symptoms for the past 7 years last week I was diagnosed with Lupus. The diagnosis came as a relief in away as I had been having major disease flares off and on for yeas. I am not much of a complainer when it comes to my own health so the majority of those I know knew there was something going on but not to the extent.

Lupus is debilitating, scary, and incurable. As I begin down a road to try and limit disease progression I will probably not be writing here to often. Right now my main focus is to start taking the immunosuppressant drugs, anti-inflammatories, get into an exercise routine, and clean my diet up even more.  I need to de-stress and take a step back for a little to do that.  Writing here isn’t stressful but my mind isn’t in autism right now and my Monkey has been doing amazingly lately. I can be nothing but proud of him for all his progress.

Rebecca has also had a few bumps in her own road lately but she will be back soon with lots of great posts. We hope your summer is going well and that all your kiddos have been enjoying their summer vacations.

Take care


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