Spectrum Warriors: Life Through The Autism Spectrum

The Evils Which Lurk On Facebook

Today my news feed has been filled with horribleness.

Not only do Rebecca and I run a blog and Facebook page but we also follow many of the lovely, informative, and heartfelt pages on Facebook which are primarily centered on Autism.

It is like being part of a little community. No one knows each other yet we can relate to the hardships and the joys which come along with this journey. Most mornings I happily read through most of the pages I follow. I like, comment and share. Today I saw anger towards a page filled with hatred.

A Facebook page was published which attacks the people whom we love the most. A page which shares hatred towards the very community which I so openly praise. So like other’s who felt like this page disgusted them I reported the page to Facebook thinking Facebook would promptly remove it.

This however did not occur. Instead I received the following message from Facebook: Capture

I don’t know who has offended me more, the page and the hatred it is spreading or the lack of compassion received from Facebook.

How can an entire page filled with hate speech towards those with disabilities and their loved ones not be violating your “Community Standards”? What is the point of allowing us, the people who use Facebook, to report pages that are attacking an entire group of people if you, those who maintain Facebook, will not even take the time to acknowledge that something is wrong? Are your standards so low that you deem this to be acceptable? How do you allow pages like this to continuously pop up? Should there not be a filter that prohibits the publication of certain things to begin with?

This is unacceptable!

After numerous reports were filed it did get taken down only for a new page to be created in it’s place!

I understand that Facebook can not monitor every single page which is created but there should be certain filters in place which prohibits these types of pages from ever being created. They should be censored in a way that does not allow certain language to be used not only when creating a page but when publishing pictures, articles, etc…

And when pages like the one you see above are reported to you it would be appreciated that you have someone take the time to thoroughly look over the page to it’s entirety. Sending someone a message indicating it is not infringing on any community standards you have decided on is in no way acting in the best interest of your users.

You should be ashamed of yourselves for continuously allowing this to happen. There are probably hundreds of pages which are directly attacking minority groups on Facebook. In a small way you are an accomplice to the hate that is being spread. By not thoroughly investigating these pages you would be partially to blame for the impact it has on the people who read them.

I am in the end disgusted by the creators of the page, who think that it is funny and entertaining to attack a group of people and also with Facebook in allowing this to happen over and over again.



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  1. lillyvf02

    Well said. Just the name alone is offesive, it is hurtful to create a page like that.

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