Spectrum Warriors: Life Through The Autism Spectrum

Goodbyes, New Houses, New Schools, New ASW’s – so many changes for one little Monkey

Sorry for our absence. So much has been going on in both our houses lately that writing was pushed to the dusty corners of our minds.

Anxiety in our house is at an all time high with he many changes that are happening, almost each week. Lets start from the beginning however.

The last week of June his ASW Alicia, whom he adored, left us and was replaced by someone else. This in itself is a major transition and could not have come at a worse time. Not only was he transitioning from a worker he had had for almost a year to someone new but we were also starting week one of vacation which was followed by him starting the Off-To-School program once vacation was over. So let’s count that out – 3 large transitions in a very short span of time.

All in all he did pretty amazing. We have had some major challenges in regards to our new ASW calling in sick last minute (when I say last minute I mean several minutes before she was supposed to be here). Vacation of course had some challenges and an increase in defiant behavior as nothing was really scheduled or planned in advance. He started the Off-To-School program full of anxiety with very little knowledge on what to expect aside from what the teacher and the school looked like. Yet even with all these changes he seems to have bounced along pretty well from one change to the next. It was a vast improvement from even the many meltdowns that Christmas brought. I could be nothing more then proud of him for what he has done and how well he is learning to understand his own emotions and what they mean. It gives me hope for the fall school year.

With all these changes we also currently have our house on the market in hopes to sell and downsize. He asks me almost everyday if someone is coming to see the house, when we are moving and who will take his bed. Being a military household we have moved with him already. He knows a little of what to expect but the not knowing when it will happen is throwing him off a bit. I usually will go over the whole process again and he says, “Oh ok.” If we sell the house I hope the transition will go smoothly.

In 3 weeks we will have a true test to how all these changes will affect him as daddy will start his 3 week long vacation and be home daily. This is usually what brings the biggest transitions and the most meltdowns not because he doesn’t like daddy being home but because mommy and daddy do things VERY differently and daddy can sometimes be a bit unpredictable in his responses or reactions to certain situations. This, then falls on us, to be proactive and discuss what things daddy should do to make the transition easier. What order we do our breakfast routine, what types of things we do after breakfast, so that daddy can follow a similar pattern. We also need to be proactive with the Monkey and talk to him about daddy’s vacation. With all the growth I have seen in him over the past few months I am confidant that if we approach the rest of the summer head on he will be nothing but amazing.

Growth is a beautiful thing and seeing him more confidant makes my heart cry tears of joy. He is strong, capable, loving, kind, and intelligent and finally he is seeing this in himself as well. “I can do it.” Is his new phase instead of I can’t and that is AMAZING. We did have a few major meltdowns which left both he and I in tears but I will not dwell on those few minor moments as they do not cancel out all the amazing things he is doing.

Happy Transitioning,


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