Spectrum Warriors: Life Through The Autism Spectrum

Experience Sensory Overload First Hand

Do you ever wonder what exactly our kids see, feel, hear or experience when they go into sensory overload? There is lots of written information that describe symptoms of sensory overload, and even some TEDX talks (Wendy Lampen comes to mind), but very few actual ways for us to truly experience in real-time what our children may be experiencing.

I try very hard to be aware of all my senses and how they react in certain situations and fold those kinds of observations into our social stories, or other prep for MJ. I look to them to help me understand potential triggers for sensory overload or meltdowns and try to put proactive strategies in place to prevent a meltdown.

Watching the playground video made me realize there’s so much more to what she likely experiences. This playground video isn’t the only sensory overload simulation video. In fact, this video was part of an article a friend shared with me last week by Mashable that included 5 videos in total.

If you know anyone with autism, or sensory processing disorder, I encourage you to watch and share these videos and live in their shoes for  just a moment. I understand these are simulations and each person may experience things slightly differently, some more or less intense than others, but at the very least, it is a truly eye opening experience.

Going to Walmart is hard for my daughter – she doesn’t last long, so when I got to that video, it all made sense. It’s not like I didn’t know why she had a hard time before – let’s face it, who doesn’t have a hard time in Walmart some days, it can be a zoo!

It was seeing it through the eyes of someone experiencing it that really got to be me and honestly. feel kind of terrible for putting her through that (although it’s why she rarely ever comes shopping with me).

It’s through simulations like these, that we can try to understand what is happening to the senses, what the triggers are and whether we can teach any kind of coping skills. I hope more of these continue to be created.

Which of the five videos affected you the most?




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