Spectrum Warriors: Life Through The Autism Spectrum

Proud Mommy Moment

This morning the Monkey and I went on an adventure to the library. We were on the hunt for a book about all the different dinosaurs and their names. He was so excited to get a book that would tell him the name of all his dinosaurs that as soon as I said we were going he ran downstairs rambling as he got his hat, jacket and boots on. This in itself would have been a proud mommy moment as normally asking him to get ready to go anywhere is painful.

Once we were ready and in the car I watched as he rocked himself anxiously anticipating our arrival. When I pulled into the parking lot and saw that we were about 10 minutes early I thought it would all unravel. I told him we were going to go to the store and buy a water before going into the library trying to do something to pass the time. This suggestion was unplanned yet he went with it with no issues at all. Honestly who was this child and what did he do with my Monkey. Again this in itself would have been a proud mommy moment as the Monkey has issues usually with transitions especially when they are unplanned.

If these two events were not enough once we were in the library, a library he had never been to before, I really thought here we go it’s all going to blow up. He started passing around, taking in all the sights, the lights, the workers that were at the desk and the new sounds. His speech was rushed and he was completely unfocused yet he held it all together. Finally, as apparently I was taking to much time looking for the dinosaur books on my own, he came over and asked me to ask the lady where the books are. I told him that he should go over and ask the lady himself where the books are since he knew what he wanted. I try to get him to try new things all the time even if it means he only thinks about it at least I have put the thought into his head.

After about a minute he looked at me and said “OK I am going to ask the lady!” I watched as he walked towards her turned around and walked a way. Then he turned back around and started pacing back and fourth watching the librarian as she put books back on the shelf. I honestly thought he would come back and ask me to go ask her myself but in my amazement and complete shock he walked over and asked her.

The Monkey asked a complete stranger in a completely new environment for something that he wanted!!! I couldn’t be more proud.

I should mention he didn’t look at her when he asked and he sort of yelled at her as he blurted out,”where are the dinosaur books,” those are small hurdles to work on compared to the hurdle he accomplished simply by walking up to someone new.

I couldn’t be prouder of the Monkey. It took so much courage and energy for him to be able to put aside his fears and anxiety and talk to someone he didn’t know and for that I couldn’t be prouder. This week has been a good one so far and I hope we can keep the momentum going.


Have a great day!



  1. Yay monkey and congrats mom! So happy for both of you!

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